Power calculations
Wire selection and sizing
Facility planning up to 36 kV
Network planning
Earthing systems
Equipotential bonding facilities
Documentation supervision Eplan P8 and Amperesoft
Harmonics measurement and compensation
Assembly and extension of distribution installations

Construction of installation systems
Construction of cable systems up to 36 kV
Preparation of cable terminations and couplers up to 36 kV
Earthing systems with deep earther
Installation and connection of switchgear up to 36 kV
Construction of transformer systems and transformer stations
Electrical test and special test facilities
Infrastructural facilities

Low-voltage switchgears up to 4000 A
Energy distributors
Fast earthing switches for short circuit protection
EMV-filter systems up to 24 kV
Compensation systems
Small-batch production
Distribution boards

Vendor independence

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